Christ the King
A Catholic Community of the              Diocese of San Diego



Pastor's Corner  


Greetings in the name of Christ our King! 
Here we are again and it’s time to “fall back” (set your clock back one hour at 2:00 AM Sunday morning! November is here already! First all, be sure that you get your free flu shot on Sunday November 2. Also be sure to vote on Tuesday November the 4th.

Speaking of November 4th, here are some of the activities that some of our SDOP ministry people have been involved in: they were part of a group of people who contacted 72,662 voters. Please visit  they already have 5,000 pledges to vote out of a goal of 10,000 if you can, please help on this final weekend! Please get out and vote!

We are also a part of the ICWJ. In the past we have sponsored a table but this year we invite you to contact ICWJ if you wish to attend. This year all of those receiving awards are Roman Catholics. This is a first!  Please go here to order your tickets, tables, purchase   ads, or give a special donation.

Finally, November we start a conversation about giving.  Bill Earl once said: "If your outgo exceeds your income your upkeep will be your downfall" I will post a chart near the entrance of the church so that we all can not only get the picture, but what we can do about it.


Fr. Tommie Jennings